Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quick Update: Second Flickr Photostream

Since I have put up as many photos as they let you in one photostream, I have created a second account where I will be putting my old photos for back up purposes. I will no doubt have to create more accounts, or upgrade, as time progresses and I accumulate more photos. The link is below and is also in the side bar under Links as "My Second Flickr Photostream"

Remember, the original photostream is where I will be putting my new photos.

New Photostream:


Hump Day Sucks!!

Oh man, today is the worst hump day ever!!!.

For those of you who do not know, Wednesday is known in many circles as "hump day." It is called this because Wednesday is exactly(more or less) right in the center of the week(at least the work week). So, once you've gotten through Wednesday you hit Thursday(which is payday for many people) and then you hit friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Anyways, it is the worst hump day ever for me because I have two of my most difficult tests today. Tomorrow's tests I'm not worried about, and then I'm Scott-free on Friday. So, once I get through today everything is downhill. The only problem is that I actually have to get through it and in order to do that I have to wade my way through the filth we call Econ and Emag. Anyhoo, I will feel much better by the end of today and completely stress free by the end of tomorrow. Then it's senior week here I come.

Some, people wait their whole lives to hear news that good...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hair Cuts, Apartments, and Job Searching

It is tuesday morning, 9:08am, and I am entering my last day of studying. I will not bother you with tales of my stress and challenges. Instead I will tell you what has changed in my life since I last blogged.

To start things off, I got a hair cut, as depicted in the image below. If you look at my last post there is a picture of me looking stresed and you can see just how long my hair got. The problem wasn't just that it was long, it was the fact that it was long and it happens to be really thick. Like a little above average quick. Which I am perfectly happy to have. I regard my hair as one of my best features. However, you wouldn't know that I was my father's son by the mop top I was sporting as of yesturday evening(my father is bald). To make a long story short, I asked my roomate to cut it and he said "sure but I only have beared trimming length guards for my shears," to which I replied "Whatever, just cut it." And so that is the tale of my hair cut.

I also aquired a sweet living situation for next school year. I looked online at a bunch of advertisements for apartments and discovered that there were some apartments on market street above Norther Music and Video. When I called the guy said that the one bedrooms would more than likely be taken and that there would only be more expensive two bedroom apartments. I decided to inquire anyway, seeing as I don't want to be homeless. When I showed up he said that I was in luck and that there was a one bedroom apartment left. I saw it and fell in love with it. It is essentially a big studio with a bedroom, but that is fine with me. It is the perfect location for me and it is just the right size. So, now all I have to do is get the money to pay for this place which brings me to my next and final topic.

On this friday after finals I will be canvassing Potsdam and Massena for steady work. I will be printing out like 50 resumes in the ECE lab(were I can get it done for free) and then I will be hitting the streets. My plan is "spray and pray" which is a military term for shooting wildly after an enemy and hoping you hit him. So, I will be putting these out in the hopes that I will get at least one call back, no matter what the work. And, I am sure that you will hear wither or not I have aquired a job. Because by now you have no doubt probably learned that I enjoy venting, both the good and the bad.

Au Revoir, Mon Amis!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I am Lame

Yes, I said it; I am lame. I am lame because it seems that all I blog about lately is school work or school related things. It is to be expected though. I blog about what I know. And, what I know right now is that I am about to take a bunch of finals in about six days so I must study. With studying comes stress, and with stress comes me unloading it in the form of a blog in the attempt to procrastinate.

Let me run down my test schedule for you:

Economics: Wendsday, 3hours, 11:45-2:45pm
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves: Wednesday, 3hours, 7-10pm
Statistics: Thursday, 3hours, 11:45-2:45pm
Power Systems: Thursday, 3hours, 7-10pm

I rather like the idea of getting them all out the way at once. It will be like ripping off a band aid, nice and quick. No, I take that back, it's more like violently tearing off a cast for two days. Now I am not worried about Economics(to be honest I've already signed up for it again for next semester). I am also not worried about Power Systems for two reasons. The first reason is that the material is not that difficult. The second reason is that it is an hour long group test given over a period of 3 hours. Yes, you read me correctly; I said a group test: As in five people take the test together.

I am not worried about Statitics either, because I know what is going to be on the final and it doesn't scare me. With hard work I know that I can get a good grade in the course. I am, however, anxious about the electromagnetic fields and waves test. It is a killer and I am going to have to study very hard for it. We will see how it goes.

Adios for now, muchachos

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Logic of Stress

This week is dead week. Next week is hell week. The week after that is senior week.

Dead week = Lots of Studying
Hell Week = Lots of Tests
Senior Week = Crap Load of Fun

Dead Week + Hell Week = Lots of Stress

Dead Week + Hell Week + Senior Week = Lots of Stress + Lots of De-stressing

[Stress = -(De-stressing)]

(Lots of)(Stress + De-stressing) = Lots of No Stress

By my logic above, when you combine a week of studying, a week of testing, and a week of great awesome senior week fun; you get lots of no stress. And, I can hardly wait for the moment of no stress!

Say┼Źnara Kimosaby,

Monday, April 20, 2009

Clarkson University Springfest

Hey Everyone,

So this weekend was fun, which it should be because I will be studying all this week for finals. But, after the studying and after the tests comes senior week! So, It's all ups and downs right now.

But back to the point, I went to a great concert at Clarkson University this Saturday. Clarkson's annual Springfest Concert featured four bands including: Black Stone Cherry, The Veer Union, Theory of a Dead man, and Hinder. I only got photos of the first two bands(because my stupid phone's battery died) and they are really blurry, but I like the effect. I'm posting the link to my flickr photostream where you can see all of them(if you scroll to the right through the phototos) and a teaser below.

In general I would say that it was a very good concert. The Veer Union came out and was extremely "thankful to be there" as the lead singer Cripin said about one hundred times. But his thankfulness aside their new song "Seasons" was very pleasing, along with one of their older ones "Experimental." Black Stone Cherry came out on stage next and provided the crowd with a much harder version of rock. Charismatic and enthused the lead singer told the crowd "There are only three rules at a black stone cherry concert. One, Leave the bull sh*% of life outside. Two, Scream as loud as you want at any given time. And, Three, girls if you got some boody use what your mama gave ya; it's there for a reason." Next came Theory of a Dead man and Hinder who each showed us exactly why they are major record producing bands. Needless to say, they were amazing.

Peace out...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flickr Update: Formal Pictures Are Up!!!

So, the pictures from my fraternity formal are up. I've posted the link to my Flickr photostream page and some sample photos. Believe me they only get better and funnier.

Stress Eating

So, I am a stress eater. Which is funny because I have a really good friend whom I live with who is the exact opposite.

I don't know why, but when I get stressed I eat more, more often. I eat at odd times and become hungrier. Let me give you a for instance. Lately I have been stressing a couple of things(school, car, money) so business as usual. However, I came back to my apartment last night at around 5pm and made soup and had bread with it for dinner. So, I figure I will be good for the night.

Well, a few minutes later I'm up and eating some oranges; which is fine if you don't eat like six of them at once. Then I ate a banana. Then I went into the kitchen and rooted around looking for things. I had some Werthers candies, I ate some toast, I made Jello(which is sitting in my fridge. Anyway to make a boring story short I made a big three egg omelet with Parmesan cheese, mushrooms, onions, and green bell peppers. So I went to bed full.

I guess the reason I am telling anyone this is because I have been noticing a slight weight gain. Because I eat often and sometimes late. Anyways I guess I am going to have to hit the gym, eat less more often, and relax. But that is always easier

Gotta run,

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not so calm before the storm

It is currently a few minutes before twelve noon on tuesday april seventh 2009. In approxiametly two and a half hours I will be taking my Power Systems Analysis and Design Test, but for now I am taking a half an hour break to eat.

I don't know if eating was such a good idea. I get the benefit of some nutrients and increased awareness during the test, however I am so nervous that it will more than likely just sit in my stomach for hours. Which, brings up a good point: No matter how hard the test is or how well I have studied for it I always stress out about it. No amount of cognitive analysis of my situation will help me find my calm. I realize that being stressed right before the test can be counter productive and doesn't even matter in the long run but you know the drill.

On the upside, I saw one of my classmates resume by mistake and felt good. I felt good because his was way worse than mine. I mean it was terrible. It wasn't written poorly or constructed incorrectly, but he has almost no real engineering expierence. And, when your trying to get a job; it is crutial. Which, makes me happy that I got my internship right before the market went bad in 2008 becuase every major engineering company is trying to cut costs by getting rid of useless jobs like interns.

But, back to the point. I have a little while left to study and I intend to do just that. The funny thing is, blogging really helps me get some of the stress off. By publishing it I get it off my chest and can move forward more easily. Now, I will never turn this into a rant blog; because no one likes those. But, it is nice to complain sometimes.

Is it supposed to snow in April?
Peace out...

Monday, April 6, 2009

The joys of owning a car

So, my car is in the shop. And that sucks, because it started out as just one thing and now its five. Here's the low down:

A few weeks ago I heard my breaks squeaking. So, I decided I would wait to bring it in to the shop until I had the money. In the mean time I went to pick up my girlfriend in my friend's car and gave him my keys. When I got back I knew there was a definite problem. So I took it into the shop this morning and asked them to asses the breaks. I called them up later and found out that they needed to repair the left caliper, both front pads, give me an inspection sticker, and a belt tensioner. However, when they further inspected they found that my 'cv' joints are bad and that they would have to be replaced. Now, I am only a poor college student trying to make it on his own. I get receive no money from anyone(unlike many of my peers who receive monthly installments from their parents!) and at this point, I am particularly low on funds. Luckily my father said that he might be able to help me out if I really need it, and that took some stress away.

In any case, I have to study for a test tomorrow in Power Systems Analysis and Design so I will let you go for now.

Another successful rant complete,
Thanks for tuning in...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Highs and Lows

Oh man!

This week has been rough, and you could probably tell that there is an negative relationship between how much work I have to do and how many blog entries I write. Anyway, I will tell you about last week before I rant about this week.

Last week I borrowed my friend Josh's car to go down to Rochester to pick up my girlfriend and bring her back to school. It was a fun trip since we went out to eat at this great mexican resturant, a fun dance club, spent time together around the city, and just relaxed. Even the 3.5 hour trip didn't seem long because I was with her on the way back.

So we got back and went to my friend Chris's 21st birthday party, and that was lots of fun too. Just to make sure everyone knows, I am 21 and my underage girlfriend doesn't drink(because it is illegal). But back to the topic at hand, he ordered some adult beverages in big shiny metal tank form for the get together and instead of the two half ones he ordered they made a mistake and gave him full size ones. Since there were only 30-40 of us there that night(and we are all pretty responsible) there was copius amounts of liquid nourishment left afterward. Point of that story: I had a lot of fun.

Now, lets get into the meat of this week. The fact is that I have two tests this week. One in Electromagnetic Fields and Waves and the other in Statistics. Now I got an 80% on the first Emag test(which is a feat considering the average was in the high 60's) and I got an A and a B on the last two tests in Statistics. However, I have had almost no time to study for them because of other things that are getting in the way. Namely, my car needing to be fixed and scheduling the rest of my life(by that I mean my last year at Clarkson University). It is very difficult because I am going to be taking an extra course on top of my already full acedemic schedule and club duties. I will be more than likely taking: Senior Electrical Laboratory, Statics(not statistics), C++(a programming language), Power Distribution, Dielectrics, and Organizational Behavior on top of being an officer of my fraternity(fingers crossed); working on campus(fingers crossed again); being in Robotics, and writing for the paper(at least it's fun). So I have to worry about doing all of this AND I have to worry about paying for all of this. Great situation I found myself in huh?

Anyways, I will put my nose to the grindstone again and prove that even a middle of the road student like me can survive Electrical Engineering at Clarkson University and still balance School work, relationship, clubs, and my social life.


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