Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Internet Resources

Web 2.0 is great. And, there are plenty of great information sources on the internet for everything imaginable. However, you have to sift through tons of useless sources in order to find them. I'm talking about when you go into a search engine and type in something very specific, for say school, and you have to sift through all of the sites that could have every had anything to do with your query. You have to go through a myriad number of chat sites, board sites, personal blogs that mentioned it, actual sites professing to have pertinent information(but who are really liars) and the ever popular links that pretend to have exactly what you are looking for but in actuality are just search engines themselves. Google, Yahoo and the rest of that ilk would do well to have not just categories on movies and showtimes but also on formulai, research papers and text books.


Monday, January 18, 2010

School is back in session

Hey guys,

Sorry about being away for so long, it happens from time to time. I guess I just needed to take a break from everything during winter recess and recoup. And, recoup I certainly did. Among other things I celebrated my 22nd birthday and had chilled with old friends.

Other than that, not too much is going on. I'm in the new apartment. I got Ashli from Poughkeepsie, so she is up with me. I'm working on school and regular life stuff too. I'm trying to get in shape again in case I really can't find a job and need to join the air force (oh what fun that would be). But all in all, not a whole lot is going down. However, I'm sure that life will soon pick up into the break neck speed to which I have become accustom. I have a few reports due soon and I better get working on them.

So until next time,
[insert cliche farwell here]

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