Friday, June 18, 2010

The Cycle of My Blog

It happens every time I make a change in my life. I neglect my blog for weeks at a time. In this case, I graduated from Clarkson University with my bachelor's degree and am now a fully qualified electrical engineer and moved into a new apartment. The apartment is great and I'm living with my girlfriend and sister but I am still jobless. However, I'm sending out a volley of resumes and cover letters this Monday and will continue searching after that.

Wish me luck...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here one day and gone the next

Yesturday morning I got up at around 5a.m. to get ready to go to school. The only reason that I got up that early was because I was maximizing my study time for finals week and 6 hours of sleep is more than enough for me. Anyway, I walked outside without my jacket one and was meet with a cold and dark morning. I told myself that this unseasonable cold was just the morning thaw and that it would go away soon. Six hours later, I got up from studying in the library to get another coffee and looked out of the big bay windows in the library to see a veritible blizzard outside. I'm not joking around when I tell you that visibility was at about 50 feet.

It continued to snow into the night and before I went to bed there was a thick blanket on everything. Nothing had changed when I got up this morning. I went about my day and began studying. However, I've just taken a look out the window to see what it was like and discovered something. It is still chilly, but there is no snow to be had anywhere! Only in Potsdam could you be 70 degrees farenheit at the start of the week, down to the low 30's in the middle of the week with a blanket of snow and then back up into the 70's by tommorow(weather man's prediction). Seriously, has Potsdam done something to anger God? Or maybe this is just an omen? I wonder what it stands for? Probably, change.

And theres been quite a lot of that in my life lately...

Alternative Energy

I have a test at 3:15pm today that covers my alternative energy course. Now, I love this course for one reason only. It is sooo easy! Tests and homeworks are done in groups! And the tests arn't cumulative which means that it only covers half of the year on the test!

This his great because not only does he totally ignore the book(so I won't study from it) but there are litterally less than 30 pages of notes I have to cover for the final. And not every page of notes has equations on it!

It's 7:30am now, which means I have over 7 hours to study 28 pages of notes. Seriously, that is the most incredible amount of study time ever! And, did I mention that I got a 92 on his midterm because it was so freaking easy?

This is a test I'm actually not stressing about...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The One Day I Don't Bring A Coat

It has been blisteringly hot all week and I've still carried a jacket each day. So when I got up this morning and headed out the door I thought "Well I don't want to sweat so I might as well leave it at home." Then I brave what I thought was just the morning cold and head to school. A few hours later I looked out the window to see a veritable blizzard! It's been so nice out and it went and snowed on me! And right before senior week! All I have to say is that this snow better be gone and it better be warm outside by Sunday. Because if it isn't, someone is going to pay. I don't know who will but someone will.

I need it to be warm because I've been waiting pretty much all year for this. It has been a tradition of mine for the last five years to laze around outside in the awesome weather right after finals. And, it's been a tradition of mine for the last three years or so to eat a lot of bbq with my friends and get totally ripped. And, while it isn't the healthiest thing to do with my time, it certainly is the most fun. And, its going to be my last hoorah before graduating.

Oh yeah, I'm graduating in a week...

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