Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alternative Energy

I have a test at 3:15pm today that covers my alternative energy course. Now, I love this course for one reason only. It is sooo easy! Tests and homeworks are done in groups! And the tests arn't cumulative which means that it only covers half of the year on the test!

This his great because not only does he totally ignore the book(so I won't study from it) but there are litterally less than 30 pages of notes I have to cover for the final. And not every page of notes has equations on it!

It's 7:30am now, which means I have over 7 hours to study 28 pages of notes. Seriously, that is the most incredible amount of study time ever! And, did I mention that I got a 92 on his midterm because it was so freaking easy?

This is a test I'm actually not stressing about...

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