Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Clarkson University Career Fair Returns

For about two weeks I have known that the career fair would arrive today. And, for two weeks I have become prgressively more anxious. Last night before bed I did some short reasearch on each of the 45 companies that I will be carpet bombing today, in an effort to appear more attractive than some of my peers. It wasn't a very good night's sleep.

I'm a hard worker, no one could viably argue the opposite. But, I am not a stellar student. I forget things easily, I have to work hard to motivate myself, it takes me a while to learn new concepts and I don't do well on tests. There is one thing I have on my side though. If I've learned anything in my life so far it is that I am not going to give up. It is a big, dark and scary world out there right now. And, jobs are harder to come by. But, I will not give into anxiety and Fox News. I will try hard until the end and if that isn't good enough, well then, I will just have to come back to life and try even harder. What was that thing they used to say? Success is my only option? Well, for me it is. And, I'm working hard and praying that I get something in return.

I'll keep you posted...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Waiting For Tuesday

Hello All,

So, I'm finally done with rush for my fraternity(phi kappa sigma) and we got four, maybe five, pledges. Being done with rush really frees up my time. However, even though I revieved my check from Clarkson today; I still have to wait until tommorow afternoon to get my car fixed. The wheel bearing will be replaced and perhaps an oil change aswell. After tommorow I will be happy. Even though the career fair is almost upon me and I have lots of work to do, I'm happy. I'm happy because I will be able to drive home with confidence that my car is in good shape and I can lie down on my own bed and do my homework in my room in peace. I am so over couch hoping, it is unbelievable. In the last three weeks of school I have been home maybe four times.

Now the idea of being in a different place everynight might seem exciting to some, however they have not fully understood what it implies. Never in my life before have I had to plan where I slept each night or worry about wither I will have a pillow and blanket. Mundane details like brushing your teeth and making sure you shower become paramount. If disregarded the small things will bring you down, and quickly.

Wish me luck at the career fair...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life so far

Life has been taking me in several directions lately. I finally got a loan and will be looking for an apartment for next semester. I am looking at graduate school and have already met with another school to get information. My fraternity's rush season is almost over which means life will start getting easier for me. Classes are going well and I am trying to keep a handle on them. The career fair will be here in less than a week and I'm trying to get prepared for that. My car has a bad wheel bearing and I have to wait to get it fixed because I havent recieved my check from Clarkson yet. And, finally I've been sleeping on couches and my girlfriend's bed way more than mine lately. That was my past twoish weeks in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed it, becuase I have sorta been.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Couch Surfing

As many of you well know, I am commuting from Massena to Clarkson University this semester. This is suplimented by the fact that I have good friends and a girlfriend over at a nearby university. So, I sleep over at her dorm from time to time.

Recently I discovered that my wheel bearing was going bad, well I should say that I heard a nasty vibrating noise that scared me. So, I didn't want to drive on it until I got it looked at, at a garage. As a result I stayed at my girlriend's dorm and then some friend's couch and then my girlfriends again and then my friends couch again. It made me feel really *&^#ing disposesed. However, I brought it on myself.

But, I want to share with you what it's like to sleep on a friends couch in his dorm. First of all the dorm was cold at night. Secondly, the couch was small and uncomfortable; so I had to curl up like a fetus which was very uncomfortable. So, I tried sleeping on the floor I thought "maybe it will be more comfortable if I spread out my body, even though it's a carpet covered concrete floor. If you have never slept on a concrete floor there is somethign you should know: all of you body heat gets sucked into the cold floor. And, since the floor is so wide the heat just keeps diffusing, like a heat sink, and never warms up. So back onto the couch I went. Thirdly, college people stay up late and like to go grab snacks at 3a.m. and wake you up when you have to get up 4hours later. Fourthly and finally, I had no alarm clock so I had my girlfriend call me at 6:45a.m. However, you cannot hit the snooze button on a phone call to wake you up fifteen minutes later so you end up lucky to wake up 45mins later. All in all, I got some rest but I will be happy to sleep in my beautiful queen sized bed again.

There is actually a website called where you can hook up with people who will let you sleep on their couch for free. It is very interesting but I'm not trusting so I probably wouldn't do it. But feel free to check it out.


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