Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Toilet Mug

It looks gross, but somehow I still finding my self wanting one...

Possible bday gift? Naw, just kidding.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So I decided to go to the Halloween parties I've been invited to as a vampire. I've decided to go as the modern vampire. By modern vampire I mean a mix of the vampire's shown in Twilight and Interview with a Vampire, both of which are very good movies. To be more specific, I'm going as the modern, ultra sheik, styled vampire with actual fangs.

My girlfriend will be doing my makeup. Now, I'm the type of guy who despises makeup even for purposes of costume. But it's needed this time because even though I am naturally pale, I'm just not vampire level pale. So, she will be making me look a little more pale in the face and will be making my eyes look greyish and tired; sort of like I woke up from a comma.

The most exciting part is that I bought actual fangs for the costume. They come from and they are custom molded to your incisors. The snap in and out at your will and they look great. The ones I bought are called the "Scarecrow Natural Fangs" and they look a little something like this.

I'm also going to need a small neck wound as well, to make it look like I was just turned a short while ago. Instructables has a good page about how to make the wound look realistic.

As far as my actual costume is concerned, I'm going very simple. I'm not going to look like the old fashioned Dracula, decked out with jewelry and a huge cape. I'm just going to have a long sleeve, light grey shirt and dark jeans. I'll probably put a link up to pictures of the party later next week. It should be fun.

I want to look less like the above and more like the below.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A tribute to

I recently discovered and decided that it was so wonderful I would share it here, with you. All of the images below are from the site. And, if you think these are funny there are hundreds more images and videos where this came from.

Inovative Energy Ideas

I saw this image while surfing the internet and thought it was an interesting way to harness draft wind on a building.

Here's an older picture that's been floating around. It's a great way to harness the energy we already put into moving our cars for another purpose.

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