Thursday, April 15, 2010

Waiting for the scanner

I'm sitting in the library right now waiting to use the scanner so I can digitize some notes. The reason I am waiting is because the Clarkson library only has one scanner, and it is usually in use. And, right now there is a guy using the computer it is attached to so that he can write a paper. He no doubt decided to use that specific spot because it has a nice chair. However, he is shafting everyone else that needs to use that computer by doing so.

So, I'm just sitting here and blogging waiting the ten supposed minutes that he said he was only going to take. Oh, and look at that here comes the ten minute mark. And, he still hasn't gotten up. O.k. maybe he just needs some time to get his things together and sign out. Nope, turns out hes just being rude. Anyway, I've got to change computers because a creepy girl is staring at me with a strange "I've gotta have it" look.

Hopefully I'll get the scanner some time today...

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