Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Half Hearing

I have an ear infection and it sucks. It's in my left ear and my hearing is basically cut in half. Though, I should be used to this because I've had them on at least an annual basis for my entire life. In fact, my entire left ear drum and tubes are sunken below the right one. And, I still have tubes in it that allows for normal fluid transfer. The only problem is that the tube doesn't act perfectly and from time to time there may be water or fluid build up that promotes bacteria growth.

And, waaa-bam! I the hearing in my left ear gets turned off, I experience constant mild pain, and what would be screaming in one ear is a whisper in the other. It really throws off my center of balance to, not to mention the fact that it effects my driving skills. So, for now I'm just keeping it clean with cotton swabs and waiting for my doctor's appointment tommorow.

People are just going to have to make sure to speak into my right ear...

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